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Bishop Hill​, Central


Bishop Hill is an architectural treasure, the historical buildings complex was arranged by Vincent John Stanton and Bishop Ronald Owen Hall as well as several well-known architects, Yuan- Hsi Kuo (過元熙), S. K. Loong (龍韶基), Gin- Djih Su (徐敬直) and A.R. Fenton-Rayen. It is the only well-preserved religious sacred site in Hong Kong.

The Bishop Hill historical compound, which includes 11 buildings, if not limited to, Bishop’s House (Grade 1), St. Paul’s Church & Vicarage (Grade 1), Martin House/ Church Guest House (Grade 1), Old S.K.H. Kei Yan Primary School/ Kong Kit Building (Grade 2), Hong Kong Central Hospital (Not Graded), Alford House/ Church Guest House Annex. (Not Graded), Ridley House/ Hong Kong Central Hospital Nurses Residence (Not Graded), S.K.H. Diocesan Welfare Council (Not Graded), Ming Hua Theological College (Not Graded), and John & Mary Building (Not Graded). The entirety is apparent, and the relationship between each building is intertwined. It illustrates the glory of Hong Kong S.K.H. religious education, welfare, and healthcare contributions in Hong Kong.

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